How to handle created, updated BUT ALSO DELETED sync from Outlook to Google Calendar

Hello Everybody

I am a starter so I have probably a very basis question.
How to sync also deleted events between Outlook and Google Calendar so as when I delete the event in Outlook, after a next run it will be also deleted in Google Calendar?

(I have no issues with event created or updated…)

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi. I think once you delete a record there is no an event to be notified or something you can search to retrieve the data from MS Outlook to remove it from Google too.

What I can recommend you is:

  1. Instead to delete the record in MS Outlook update it with a kind of the flag like “delete”
  2. Build an scenario to watch or search every X hours or minutes or once per day to find records with this flag
  3. Once the record is found with the flag, remove it from Google Contacts and later remove from MS Outlook.

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

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Hi. Thanks a lot. That’s sounds like great by-pass solution I will definitely use of will not find to root one. It’s true that rather we move event to other date than delete it, but it happens. That’s why I get frustrated a bit since I feel there might be a solution but I unable to discover it by myself.

There must be a way for two-side sync including deleted events. Hope so. Definitely, also will let you know if I will find it


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