The "watch events" for Google Calendar brings ancient events

I’m trying to build a scenario to get new events, extract some information from them, and send it to a Google Sheets file. So I’m trying to fetch newly created and updated events from Google Calendar and considered using the “watch events” module for that.
The problem is that it brings up events from 7 years ago. This is useless and wasteful, but I can’t see how I can avoid this as there isn’t any kind of filtering or conditions within the module.
There’s only a “query” option but it seems to only look into the “summary” field of events.

Any idea’s how to solve this will be appreciated.
Thanks :slight_smile:

That is expected behavior when you are testing your scenario i.e clicking on ‘Run Once’.

Once you setup the scenario and turn it on, you get to choose how often the scenario should be run and whether it should only pull future events - that’s when you will start seeing your latest even information come through the ‘Watch Events’ module.

Alternatively, you can setup a ‘Search Events’ module instead of the current one and use the {{formatDate(now; “MM/DD/YYYY 00:00”)}} operator in the Start/End date fields to filter events for e.g yesterday, today etc.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the quick reply, but I don’t see how I get to the point where I “get to choose how often the scenario should be run and whether it should only pull future events”.
The scheduling options specify when the scenario will run, they don’t seem to affect anything else. In general, the “Run Once” is intended for testing scenarios, so I wouldn’t expect them to behave differently from the scheduled runs.
Moreover, I’ve tried the “Run Once” several times by now, and it always takes very old events. Given that there could be thousands of such events, letting the scenario sift through all of those before getting to current events, doesn’t seem reasonable at all.

Hi @DanielNakash,

Do a right-click on your Watch module and click on “choose where to start” to reset your starting point.

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Works like a charm :grinning:

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