Why is Google Calendar 'watch events' module not a trigger?

Can someone please explain why the Google calendar ‘watch events’ module is a scheduled run rather than a trigger (webhook)?
Will newly created events only be run through the scenario once?

Hi @Alex_Waugh,

Yeah, It depends on the App that you are integrating with, some support webhooks that will instantly trigger the scenario and some support Polling which is typically named Watch Something in Make.

You can check more details regarding it here.

Yes, You can override the behaviour if you want to rerun the previous data by Right Clicking the Module and then Choose When to Start and then you can either select single event or run from a specific date.

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Thanks - it’s weird that Make don’t support the Google calendar webhook given that Zapier does :man_shrugging:t3:

I think there is a way to setup via webhooks but I will need to test it out and see if that works.