Limits to number of characters in Missive-Make Automation

Hi! I currently have an automation wherein emails received from Missive are saved into Airtable. I currently have a problem wherein the messages are being cut and not the whole message is being taken. Airtable column is a long text field, so I went into make and checked the values it’s taking and from there the messages are cut, so that means before it reaches airtable, it already is being cut. Please help. Thank you!

Here is the screenshot from Make’s Missive Watch Email Module

Here’s the exact email received from Missive

That is just the Preview field, so it is expected that it only displays the first X characters. Is there another module to get the full email content?

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There is none, I only have the watch new messages module, what module should I add in order for me to get the full email?

You can try using the Make an API call module from the Missive app.
For the URL, run a GET to the /v1/messages/{id} endpoint.
You should be able to get the message ID from the output of your existing Missing module.


Will try this out! Thank you so much!

Does this look right? hehe I’m sorry I’m very new to this.

That looks like it might work, have you tried?
I am not familiar with Missive, just did a quick search so something may be missing. Won’t know till you try :slight_smile:

I tried it and it worked! Thanks so muchh! I do have another problem heheh. I was able to get the complete email, but it has some styling codes in the front and at the back, is there a way for me to remove those before going into airtable?

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Just read something about a text parser, will try that out.


HI @Musngi_Junariez
You can use text parser module to overcome this issue.

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