LinkedIn no UGC or Share URN ... can I pull off of activity URN? Workaround to find it?

Hey all!

I’ve set up automations successfully using Make to publish posts from Airtable. Any posts made through Make have a share or ugc URN (EX: urn:li:ugcPost:12345 or urn:li:share:12345) attached to them so I can use another automation to pull post statistics from.

HOWEVER - if I need to post something manually (in most cases this is because of needed to repost something on LinkedIn) - I can’t get the share or UGC urn from that post. It ONLY provides me with an activity URN (EX: urn:li:activity:123456).


Sometimes I can find the UGC or Share URN manually by going to the post on LinkedIn, clicking the triple dots on the post, clicking embed, and taking it from the embed code … but I can’t for the occasional few posts.

Is there ANY way to use Make to pull post statistics strictly off an activity ID (EX: urn:li:activity:123456) OR is there some kind of workaround way to find the UGC or Share URN?