Can Make automatically trigger when a new LinkedIn/Twitter post is made and then grab the share data from that?

Hey everyone nice to meet you all, I’m a total Make beginner and I’m struggling to piece together an automated way to read the engagements stats from LinkedIn posts and populate them to an Airtable in an automated way.

The ideal workflow would be that when I make a new post on LinkedIn, the URN is shared to Make, then Make takes that URN and runs a LinkedIn module which gets the statistics of the shares for the new post, then populates the data into an Airtable record (likes, impressions, etc…), and then have something like this run daily to update the records with new likes.

What I’ve got so far is this:

I’ve got an event trigger for when a new record is created in Airtable, which then watches the “Link” column, which contains the URL of the LinkedIn post. Then I tried to get LinkedIn to take the data from that link and then create a new record in Airtable to plug the data into. When I run this nothing happens hahaha.

I know I can grab the shared statistics of specific LinkedIn posts through the LinkedIn module but what I want is a way for Make to automatically grab the data from the new posts. Also, I’d like for this to update every post we’ve made in the past as well with new likes, which is why I’ve tried having the post URL live on the Airtable so it can read whatever is in there.

I’ve included screenshots in this Google drive link (for some reason I got an error when trying to upload pics here).

Thanks in advance!

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I thought I’d go ahead and paste the images you shared on your Drive. I’m really sorry that you were unable to upload these here. If this ever happens again, please feel free to ping me in a comment or in a DM and I’ll make sure to fix this.


Hi, @Michael1, are you posting on LinkedIn as a person or company profile?

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