URL previews on LinkedIn

If I paste a link on a new LinkedIn post, it creates an embed view with a preview of the link.
However, when I post a link via MAKE (Create a Text module), there is no embed preview, even if the link is a previous LinekdIn post which I want to repost (not outside links, which LinkedIn doesn’t like). The link I’m pushing comes from a URL field in Airtable.

  1. Is there any way I can set LinkedIn to show me a preview of the link I’m posting via MAKE
  2. Is there a way to repost past LinkedIn posts via Integromat differen to the above method, ie new post of the past post URL?


Here is the solution.

Please try executing the module without mentioning the Title and Description. Also, ensure that you don’t mention any URL in the Content field. Like this;

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It works. Awesome, thanks!

Oddly enough, when the MAKE scenario is run manually, it posts fine… however, when I left it on schedule, it didn’t post the preview.
Any thoughts?