Login to Website that doesn't Support API's

I have been working on attempting to log in to a website with http requests. This website does not have the option to integrate an API, so I did some digging and started with grabbing headers from the network requests. I have tried every header, some headers, some fields, all of the fields, payloads, etc., but I continue to get Status Code 400 or something similar showing that I was not able to login.

Any ideas on how someone else has accomplished this, would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Yes it might be possible. See How to get information from a platform that doesn't send APIs and has no webhooks - #2 by samliew

However, as each website implements login differently, there is no single way of doing this, and the process (modules) needs to be specifically tailored to the site.



Thank you for replying!
I did see that post and was hoping you would be the one to reply to me haha.

Do you have any resources that could help figure out how to get it to work with the site I am trying to log into?

I have tried all of the ways I can come up with to login, and assume I am just missing something silly under http requests.

Thank you again for your time!

No it’s just honestly trial and error with some background knowledge of how the different types of requests and security mechanisms work.

In my example, I used Gunzip and Parse JSON modules, while another site might need something else like Convert Encoding.