Looking for a scenario to search on Google and retreieve the first 3 results


As the title says, I’m trying to create a scenario where I need to search for a term on google and scrap the first 3 results for content.

I’m new on Make, I’m still learning, that’s why I decided to post here.

So far, I created a Google Sheets module that connects to a sheet. In that sheet, on the first column, I have the term, second column, the first result, second column, second result. (both URLs). I did that manually, just to test the automation.

Next, I take each url through ScrapingBee and get the text from both URLs. That text is then sent to OpenAI that does a summary or a feature table based on the scraped content. The resulting text from OpenAI is sent to a Google Doc.

Now, I managed to make this work and I’m pretty proud of it (since I’m new and all). However, I want to just have a sheet with the term and then automate the rest. I don’t know if either I need something to retrieve the first 3 results and add it to the sheet, then go back to my original scenario or if this is anything better in this case… There are A LOT of modules on Make, and I’m asking for some advice.

Thank you!!

Hi @Cezar_Renta

As far as I can see there’s no “Google Search” module (There are other’s here who may know better though).

You could just use an http call to the google search api - you’ll need to sign up and get a key etc. Should give you what you want though.




Ty Simon, I’ll look it up asap!

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