Low def image when downloading file with telegram bot, instead of high def

Hi, in my set up, I have a “watch update” telegram bot module linked to a “download file” telegram bot module.
The problem is that there are several versions of the image, from low def to high def, and the download file module takes the low def, even if the incoming info is from high def one.

I post an image to the telegram bot.
It detects 4 photos in different resolutions (N°1 is low res 1354 bytes, N°4 is high res : 158375 bytes)

My “download file” telegram module is configured like this

When I configure it, the available info is that one:

So it looks like it would get the photo number 4 with higher resolution (158375 bytes).

But it does not. It takes the low def one (check the file weight):

How can I get to download the high res version of the photo ?

Okay, I found the answer.
I added “4” to specified it has to take the fourth version.

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Hi there @Pamela1 :blob_wave:

Great work figuring this one out on your own! :clap:

Also, thanks a lot for remembering to step back into the community and for sharing your final setup with us. This is super valuable stuff :pray:

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