Mailchimp Interest ID Groups

I have not been successful in trying to assign Interests (or “groups”) in Mailchimp.
The add/update a subscriber node does allow interest groups to be selected by checkboxes and when this is switched to “mapping” mode it does then show the selection as IDs which are comma separated - but pushing through this exact same string back in again provides an error of “invalid interest ID”.

Does anyone have any tips when it comes to managing Mailchimp integrations?

@shandor887 I haven’t done this API call before, but what you might have to do is create an object and send this in that field when you put it on “mapping” mode.

    "b8a9d7cbf6": false,
    "5998e44916": true

You could do this with the “JSON” module within Make to create a JSON object, and then send this with the Mailchimp module.
Let me know if that works or not.

Thanks for the fast response! I’ve created this but am still having no luck. Here is what I’ve input:

Here’s what it pushes out with test data:

Unfortunately it is still not being seen as valid by my Mailchimp node:

Any other ideas? Thanks again for your time!


try to reverse engineer it.

Find a subscriber with multiple checkboxes ticked and then just use a “get a Subscriber” and see how that data is arriving as output in make. Use that as an example and send via make an API call to a new subscriber.

Let me know if this helps.

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Thanks for the suggestion!
Before I read your response I did try changing from a “selected” value to a “mapped” value, which then fills the mapped value based on my selection:

This worked, however, I have discovered that selections made by existing subscribers are added to their list of groups, rather than replacing them. I’m not sure if this is expected, but it isn’t my intended outcome.

When trying your suggestion of reverse engineering from a “get” command and viewing the output, this is what I see:

   "interests": {
            "9a3472a456": [
                "Health Practitioners"

Note that the ID string there is unique (i.e. not the ID of any of those three selections). I’m not sure how to reptroduce this output but I’ll have a go in the coming days.

Hmmm…I’d really need to see the scenario in order to give you a better hint.

Here’s another hint: try using integromat dev tool extension and run a successful “update subscriber”.

Here’s a video about the tool in case you are not familiar with: Introduction to Integromat's Chrome DevTool - YouTube

Essentially what you’re looking for is how data is being sent via API in the case of updating a customer.

After that do something similar but using make an API call and the same format that is being used for “update a subscriber”.

This is really the best I can do with the current info.

Did you solve this?

I also want to add a contact to groups, but I was not able to.

My source has 3 different boolean checkboxes which I want to appy to mailchimp groups.

Hello friends, after many hours I found a way to update the groups (interests) of a user in mailchimp.

sidenote: I use fibery as trigger. In the chain it might be required to get first the contact-id and listid

First add a mailchimp API call node:


Then adjust it like this:

  • Use your list-id and contact-id (you may get it first by a get contact by email call from mailchimp)
  • Method is patch
  • My interests IDs of course are mine and you will need to determine your IDs.
  • For true/false value: the (green) source-id comes from my fibery, where the group is a checkbox.

Heya @AndreasHe welcome to the community :wave:

I just wanted to say thank you for stepping back in in order to share your solution with us. This is greatly appreciated and brings tremendous value to the community. Keep up the great work :muscle: