Add member in a Mailchimp segmented list after clicking in a newsletter button

Hi everyone!
I need to do something that Im not even able to try due to lack of experience here.

I need that a user that clicks in a given button inside a Mailchimp newsletter be added to another mailing list in another segment of this same Mailchimp account.

In another words: I have 1 mailchimp account with lots of members… but the member can choose to be added to a specific mailing list (that is a segment inside the main list) to receive specific newsletters to that segment. So In the main list newsletters, I can add a button labeled like “register to this other list” and this button will trigger Make to save this user email inside this segmented list. So the user will be member in the main list AND in the segmented list.

I can see that theres Mailchimp support on Make, and I see a module called Add a member to a segment. And I can connect this to a Mailchimp account.
But I dont know where to go from here.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the Make community!

  1. You’ll need to set up a Custom Webhook module to receive those “link clicks” from email.

  2. In the newsletter, you’ll need to insert the Custom Webhook URL.

  3. You’ll also need to make the URL dynamic to each user’s ID. This is usually done by appending query parameters after the URL (e.g.: /?user_id=123456). Refer to Mailchimp documentation on how to insert the dynamic user id variable in the email content.

  4. In your scenario, get the ID of the Mailchimp user, which should be automatically parsed by the webhook module.

  5. Use the Add a member to a segment module to add the user id to the segment.

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