Compare Email Addresses in to Mailchimp Subscribers


I have a simple scenario that pulls new subscribers from a Mailchimp List into a Monday Board. What I want to do next is compare any new subscribers with the data held in a different Board called “People” and if the email is found mark that person’s record as a subscriber. Each item has an email column and a column for the Mailchimp list. Monday doesn’t have an automation capability across boards so I thought Make would be the way to go. The process to my mind would go something like this:

New item created in New Mailchimp Subscribers Board upon subscription to the mailing list. Data includes Name and Email Address.
Make uses that email address to check against the items in the “People” board and if found updates the “Newsletter Subscriber” column to yes. If not found it stops when no more records to check.

In my old Excel way of thinking this is just a simple VLOOKUP within an IF statement but I am struggling to convert the logic of that to a Make scenario. I am probably looking at it from the wrong point.

Welcome to the Make community!

Monday has quite a number of “search” modules, in particular “Search Items in the Board by Column Values”. Is this what you are looking for?


You can use this to insert the Mailchimp email address into the Monday search module.


Yeah, of course! So many options and I think i got a bit “snow blind” thinking of the outputs rather than each part in the process.