Monday - Error Searching in Mirrored Column

Hi! I have a Monday board with a list of names and emails.
All the names and emails are mirrored from other boards.
I was trying to run a scenario that would list the board items and then search for duplicate emails.
So far every search in a mirrored column returns empty, even though the search should always find at least one match - The original email.
When I tried adding a regular non mirrored column for a test, the search worked.
blueprint.json (17.8 KB)

Any idea how to proceed?

It will not work work mirror coloum , api doesn’t support , function and mirror coloums


Thank you for clarifying, that’s a shame!
Do you have an idea for an alternative way to do that?

The mirror column has a value. This value is also available in the api call. So you can still filter the monday board in
Monday is slow in indexing. so if you want to be sure to get every item in a board you have to query the whole board and filter afterwards trough all the result with your search term.
How does this work:
Don’t use the search modul. Use the list item modul and limit the output to the needed column. after that you can set a filter to match this column output.
In your case you would have to count how many matches it gets and to the right action if there are more then one match.


Thank you, that worked well!
I appreciate it.

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