Update status columns from different boards MONDAY

How can I make that when I change the state of a column of any item within a board, it changes to the same state a column of another different board?

Thank you

Hi @jose2023

If the item name is the same in both boards, try searching for the item using its name and then update it. Alternatively, if the trigger board has a connection column to the second board, use the update module with the item ID from the connected column.

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I’ve done it this way

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If it works fine, please use filter after search to make sure only with items.


Thank you, you have helped me so much. I actually could make it, the problems I have now are that I can not link items with a mirror column and that it doesn’t update the values when they change in real time, only if I run teh scene and then change a specific value.


The search output exists, meaning it contains the corresponding name item. Please apply the necessary filter after the search module.