[Mailchimp] Possible to include a step that waits until a campaign has been sent before taking the next step?

Hi, I have a dynamic welcome email campaign in Mailchimp that goes out to every new subscriber.

The scenario works like this:

  1. New form submission in Webflow
  2. Create new subscriber in Mailchimp + add tag Welcome Email
  3. Find three latest blog posts (records) in Airtable
  4. Aggregate those records so I can map them later
  5. Create welcome email campaign & dynamically populate with the three latest blog posts
  6. Send campaign only to those tagged with Welcome Email
  7. Remove Welcome Email tag from subscriber

Here’s a visual of this scenario:

One small problem—
The campaign doesn’t send right away and is in mailchimp’s send queue, and by the time the email goes out, the scenario has finished and the tag in step 7 has already been removed. So the email goes out to 0 recipients.

One possible solution I can think of is to include a 3–5min Sleep module between Steps 6 & 7 to ensure the email gets sent before the Welcome Email tag gets removed, but I feel like there’s probably a better way to do it.

Anyone know of a better way to trigger the Tag removal step after the campaign has been sent?