Make a scenario that will import emails to HubSpot

Hi there-

I currently have ~500 emails from Gmail under a label that I want to import into HubSpot. I have the scenario built - however, when I go to run it, it will only import 1 email (and not the rest).

What do I need to fix?

Your first screenshot, where it says Maximum number of results. Change that to 500

If I have more than 500 emails, can I change it to like 10,000?

I wouldn’t recommend that, you’d have to find out in the Gmail API how much emails can be searched at any one time. It might not even be 500.

What I’d suggest is to have your automation run more frequently in batches of 200 emails per run.

So you’d click on the clock and maybe change it to run every 10 minutes.

In your sendtohubspot folder, I’d suggest marking all the emails you want in Hubspot as unread, then in Make, set the Criteria to Unread email, and the setting under that of Mark email messages as read when fetched = Yes.

That way you know where the automation is up to.

Gotcha ok.

And then after 10 minutes, it will fetch the next 200 emails right?

Yes, that is correct!

you want to make sure though you are not finding the same 200. So for example look for unread, then switch them to read, or move them to another label or something. Otherwise you might just import the same 200 over and over.

Usually do a test with a limit of say 2-5, then get it running.

As the guys said, most APIs and services will have some kind of limits to how many things you can call. So you can either set up your schedules to adhere to this and/or check out the sleep module, which can add a pause in your scenario. You also want to make sure you are not accidently blowing through your limits either.