HubSpot Limit Hit or Make Limit?

Hi. I’m really confused. I woke up and saw these error emails.

Then I opened them up to see what the errors were. Here’s an example.

I logged into Make to see if my quota was hit and it was (apparently) only at 9%.

On the other hand, HubSpot seems to have this ridiculously giant quota that I could never come close to hitting:

I’m using the free version of HubSpot. What’s going on?

That looks really weird. Is there any way for you to find out if other hubspot users experienced the same?

Not that I’m aware of.

I’m having the same issue.
The diference is that I’m on a paid Hubspot version.

Mhm :confused: Have you contacted the support to look into this?

Yes. The solution for now is to implement the API connection myself as Make is struggling with their limits.
So, this is clearly a Make issue. Not on the scenarios or Hubspot account.

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Make has (so far) ignored my request to refund me for time that their service was not working (due to the issue). Limit issues have now gone on for over a month straight. They sent me multiple pages of technical instructions as a work-around. In other words, I am supposed to pay for their service that does not work and then pay for their mistakes. I agree that “Make Cares” about profit, but the idea that “Make Cares” about customers is first class comedy. How can they let this go for over a month straight, then try to make me (the customer) spend a bunch of time working around their mistakes, not even acknowledge that I requested a refund (let alone refuse it), and not have a phone number to call for support during over a month of not working? I am merely a freelancer. If their software can’t handle the workload of a 1-person business, why would any professional business with a whole team trust them?