🟣 Make Academy News: Error handling

Hey Makers :wave:

We come bearing great news!
:mortar_board: The Make Academy has just launched a brand new course dedicated to error handling

We’re proud to announce that our Make Intermediate certificate now includes a course specifically designed to help you with error handling in Make.

:make: In our new course, you will learn:

  • The concept of errors in Make
  • The function of error handling directives (Ignore, Rollback, Commit, and Resume)
  • How to automatically retry a scenario using the Break directive
  • How to handle your errors using routes and filters

Looking to elevate your Make skills? Enroll now and earn your badge along the way! :trophy:

Helpful Resources

:make: Introduction to error handling
:make: Directives for error handling
:make: Retry error handling directive
:make: Throw error handling directive
:make: 429 errors - rate limiting
:make: Error processing
:make: Advanced error handling


Hi. There’s a typo in Unit 2 > Error handling with Ignore > Step 5

The formula should be if(i=2;400;200))

Hey @Lauren_Moineau :wave:

What a hawk-eyed Maker you are! :eagle:

Thank you very much for raising this in our community. I let our Academy experts know about this issue.

Keep up the amazing work!

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Hi @vendy and @Michaela :slight_smile:

I have found something else in the error handling course in Unit 4 > Error handling using routers and filters > Retrying with Resume > “Create a coupon” module in the error handling route

In the picture, the URL used is not a good example, as it will systematically fail (the module is in the error handling route).
It may be trivial, but it made my brain stop :sweat_smile:

Hey @Lauren_Moineau :wave:,

Thanks a lot for your feedback again! :pray:

Our Academy team is beyond happy that there are observant and thoughtful Makers like you, who are always here to wipe out any little mistake. :broom:

Keep up the phenomenal job! :sunflower: