"Make an API call" module for Google Docs


does someone has some experience with the “Make an API call” module for Google Docs?
I’d like to update docs with that module. The objective is to make invoices from a Google Docs template and populate it with data form Airtable.
A first scenario is working for the template part (the template is updated with simple data — date, invoice number, client informations, etc.).
Before updating a table with the API module (which should be possible as the methods/commands exist in the Google Docs API), i tried to simply insert some text with it, but got a 404 error message wich means a document not found or not accessible to the user…
I’m stuck at this point :frowning:
Thanks for your help!

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Bringing it all together can be a challenge. I have been able to bridges the gaps by referring to the Google API docs and using the Integromat Dev tool (Integromat DevTool Help Docs | Integromat Help Center) to see what is actually being sent by the standard modules.

Jim - The Monday Man

Hi @Vincent_Pelletier,

It is pretty advanced to use the Make API call function with Google docs, especially to insert or edit a table. You have to use the document index to tell Google docs where to put everything but this index is dynamic. Every single change you make will affect that index. It is doable but very time-consuming.

I would recommend creating your template in Google Sheets instead, it is way easier to work with.

If you are not too demanding with formatting/design you can also create a document using HTML.

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@JimTheMondayMan @loic.wiseflow: thanks for your replies.

I also asked Make support about this. With their help i skiped the 404 error (errors in the way i wrote the JSON request). I have to deal now with 400 errors that varies with differences in the JSON… The Make support also suggest i use their DevTool, so i guess i’ll try that.

The index thing should not be a problem for now: by default, the index is related to the body part of the template and mine only contain a paragraph and the table.
Right now i just want to insert a text at index 1 of the body, then i’ll move on to the table problem :wink:

I tried this for a long time and it drove me nuts over complex documents with the aforementioned tables and pixel related positioning. It’s very difficult to test and I instead fell back to using Google Script. Much easier to handle and free.

Another option may be to create html and insert that in an empty Google Doc, has anyone tried?

Hi @Zbulo , the html solution works well as long as you are not too picky on the design

Running into the same sort of issue with this too - I’m trying to create a Purchase Order.

This is really hurting my brain. I’m struggling with getting the make an api call work on anything google. :cry:

Dear all,

I recently made this scenario for adding and filling table rows to a template through an API call. By reversing the bundle order, I could “write backwards” and thus had no issues with indexes.

Now, I am struggling with deleting text through an API call. Has anyone been successful in setting up the module for a deleteContentRangeRequest?
Which method do I need to apply: POST or DELETE? With delete, I get a 404 error, with post a 400 error:

Your help is very appreciated!

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Finally I was able to solve my issue with the help of google’s API explorer, which I accessed here: Method: documents.batchUpdate | Google Docs API | Google Developers

It seems that the API is picky about the position of the brackets, and after copy-pasting the request body from the API explorer to Make, there were no more error messages. BTW: it only worked with the POST method.