Make app missing from facebook

Same problem here. All FB scenerios stopped. I can’t reauthorize or make new FB Connections. Seems like the Make FB App has gone to developers mode.

mine also not working. app for facebook cannot be connected

One more interesting thing:
All the posts published on my Fanpage by Make are gone :frowning:
which means that my traffic from Facebook is gone. Literally zero.

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Same problem here… All FB scenarios stopped (get API error) and on facebook page all the posts pubblished by Make are gone! :rage:

OMG… you’re right. all posts through make are completely GONE. it’s not like we just can’t make new ones. it stole every single post.

Guy, please write to the support - the more tickets they have regarding this matter, the faster they will start fixing it. Hopefully.

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Same here, hope it will be fixed asap ! Ticket was created on my side.


Hi guys, there is a problem with the Facebook connection that was temporarily interrupted by FB.
We are working on solving this. You can follow the progress on the status page. I’ll keep an eye on the issue and make sure to let you know once it’s resolved. We’re very sorry for the trouble caused, thank you very much for your patience.

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Thank you! hoping that it’s an easy fix!

Do you think we’ll get the posts back too? Every single facebook post created through Make is gone.

All the tasks that the automated system had already done were deleted and apart from that it no longer allows me to link with facebook due to problems in the “API”

you’re not alone:

I hope this isn’t the same as what happened with Pinterest…

Issue repported. It really sucks, I hope the will find a solution soon.

We are moving 76 scenario to Zapier atm :frowning:

Same issues here. Opened up a ticket

I am not 100% confident that the facebook posts published through Make are recoverable.

Anyway, i see the team is proactive and working on a fix. Need to stay put and wait.


We log in on our accounts via Facebook.
Now with this problem we can’t login.
How can we login on our account until this error can be fixed?

Before I spend time testing.

Do you know if its full make platform restricted from accessing meta services.
or if its just the official make integration?

E.G. Would HTTP modules and the meta API with a developer account still work?

Mine are back. Hopefully yours are too.

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Update: The connection is restored and users are confirming that their old posts are getting back. We’re still closely monitoring the situation and we’ll let you know in case there are any more updates. Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding, guys! :raised_hands:


Thanks @Michaela for the update!

And be sure to pass on my gratitude to the dev team, and support team for navigating us out of this very quickly (in the context that nothing moves fast for partners of facebook) :raised_hands:

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How does content already published get removed?

I understand outage and not being able to publish but if the Facebook Platform is not having issues what would cause make published content to be removed?