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Hey everyone ! I am new here and also on . What i wanna do is to create a custom app with and relevence ai , I have never done that before and struglled to find something about it . But i have built a custom app on with geocodify ( as shown in docs ) . But is there any information to make relevence ai custom app on

Hi @Samandar_Jumanov,

Welcome to the Make community! You are new on but you already built a custom app. That is great work!

If you know how to create custom apps, you know how API’s work and where to find the Relevance AI documentation. That is all the info you need, I think. So what exactly are you looking for? Are you sure your are talking about a custom app?

Mind you that there are already custom apps for Relevance AI:



Thanks for reply , Yeah i need custom app . I need info about relevence ai api docs ! where to send requests and how to authanticate

Have you checked their website? Or used a search engine?

Yeah , But cannot find anything
I searched on the internet and their docs web page

Okay… Here it is: Get started - Relevance AI Documentation

Thanks ! But i already searched . Have you heard about geocodify it has api urls and ,methods in their docs i need help to find something just like that , relevence ai api urls keys and other stuff needed

Welcome to the Make community!

Something like this perhaps? For Agents, Conversation API for Agents - Relevance AI Documentation

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