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Hey everyone!
Want to start filling this community with info about custom apps.
Will be happy if you help me to understand what kind of content would you most interested in.
Feel free to leave here any questions/topics you would like me to tell about.


Hello sir, @stepan

I think API web apps that are new on Make. Please describe them also new from the web if comes in your radar.

Hey @stepan :wave:

I think it would be super helpful for the community to start with a general introduction to app development. It’s a fascinating area of the Make realm and I’m sure there are countless users who are very curious to see what ‘Custom Apps’ actually are :slight_smile:

Stoked to see what other suggestions we get here!

Hey Stepan!

great idea, it would be most helpful for use-cases of custom apps. If you have some custom apps that you built which would give examples to folks a sense when custom apps are a good idea.

Another thing that would be helpful for me (and there may already be content on make websites about this) is how to share custom apps with others. I’m a partner for make and would love to make ‘app-development’ a service that can be distributed by smaller software companies.

Thanks again!


Hi Stepan

I’m excited about the possibilities of creating custom apps, but I need more information / documentation to get going.

I want to create for instance a custom app that connect dynamically to our WordPress websites to update create / posts. I had a look at the 3 example apps, but just cant get my head around the starting point. We have installed the plugin on the sites, but what does the header look like if we want to create dynamic connections.

I’m sure that any additional documentation will be welcome in this regard.

Typical question that I have is, can I use the custom app, just to make the dynamic connection and then add that to a scenario and use the standard WordPress modules after that?

Any additional resources in this regard would be much appreciated

Posting on WP is not an issue, there a module for that.

My question is: what is the content source? Is it another website, a form, an excel file…

Based on what the source is, you can choose the right module and pass the results to the WP one.

Hi Giocomo

Thank you for reaching out to me

The source is AirTable, but it could be from anywhere. The problem that I had was to connect to different WordPress databases with the same scenario. The standard WP module only connects to predefined connections and can’t be changed as far as I know during execution. We have about 100 WordPress databases that we need to update, depending on the information in AirTable.

I created a custom app in the end that dynamically connect to a specific WordPress website and creates/updates posts, depending on the connection parameter that it get from AirTable.

If there is a way to do it without a custom app, I would appreciate some information on how to do it.

Hi, I am a young developer new to the community, Can someone shed some light on how these integrators are made and how it makes applications connect so seamlessly.

As I understand it correctly, you have a single Airtable Base with posts for over 100 WP sites. You would like to connect that base to all the WPs conditionally.

I would use a different approach: one scenario for each WP (also much easier to debug), and one scenario that reads the Airtable Base.

The 1st scenario reads the Airtable Base and redirects data to webhooks with simple http request.
Webhooks will be the triggers of scenarios that uploads post to WP installations.

By the way here are the make app dev docs.

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Hi there
I have not logged into the community for some time. I see that you replied to my comment. I created an app that handles all the WordPress databases. It works great and I can manage them from one Airtable base.

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