🎥 Build a Custom Web App with Make

Hey Makers :wave:

In this session, our brilliant Petr talks about the magic that is building custom web apps :magic_wand:

The webinar covers a bunch of theoretical concepts as well as a hands-on demo. To put it in a nutshell, you’ll learn how to leverage webhooks and responders to convert your scenarios into powerful web servers that can act as web applications :fire:

Fun fact: During the session, Petr also briefly showcases the ‘Make Parking App’ that helps Make employees in Prague offices book their parking spots. It goes without saying that the app is built entirely on Make.

As you can see we do, indeed, use custom apps to cater to our needs. So why should you want to build a custom app on Make? You’ll get more info in the recording but in short, Make custom apps

  • are easy to monitor
  • are convenient for prototyping & development
  • need no overhead
  • come with quick and easy updates

For all the details and fun bits, check out :arrow_down: the recording :arrow_down:

To learn more about custom apps as such, head over to :arrow_right: this article

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