Make Foundation Course: Creating simple scenario

Hello, I started “Make Academy Course” today, and created first simple scenario (weather and spread sheets).
Then, I tried to run the weather module, but make said “Scenario is paused (because of exceeded limits).” Does it mean do I have to upgrade my plan free to core?
Or is there any reasonable error?

Hi @Keitatsu_Watanabe

Welcome to Make Community!

Yes! You are out of operations. However, you can check at your organization the number of operations used or remaining.

Still No worries! Make allow us to practice freely.
You can make your account with different email and can practice. Although after a certain period, your operations in the current account will also be refreshed again.

If you require additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
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Thank you Msquare_Automation!

Unfortunately, my operation limit has already been fulled, so I may consider upgrading my plain into core in a few days for my future Make life :thought_balloon:
If I got further questions for my make academy process, I would post them in this community!

Thank you for your fast response
I appreciate your help