Make/Pipedrive Automatic Age Computation - Non-stop moving of date of birth when turned on


We made an acid automation in Make to compute age automatically when updated in Pipedrive. But when it is turned on, it keeps on changing the date descending and doesn’t stop. Video link below. Can someone check what’s wrong, and please advise how to fix. Thank you!!!

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Blueprint attached
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Hi aamag,

I completely understand your problem, but according to my experience with databases, it is never a good idea to store something computable (like age) in a database, it will bring you more problems than help.
If you really need the age of a person at a given time, just compute correctly current_date - birth_date when you need it and it is done.

P.S.: some more explanations


I think there’s two things going on here.

Firstly, if you’re calculating the age in years, I don’t get why you’re also setting the date of birth?

Secondly, the main issue is that the Webhook fires on all updates to the Person record in Pipedrive (the Pipedrive API doesn’t give any way to fire it on specific field changes).

When your scenario updates the Person record with the birthdate and age, that’s an update itself - which then fires the Webhook again.

What would be best would be to add a filter on the path after the Webhook to compare previous birthdate with current birthdate, and only proceed if the date has changed.


Hi @DavidGurr_Make Thank you so much. Can you please show me how to set up that filter to compare previous and current birthdate? I’m new to Make. I don’t know how to do advance functions yet. Thanks, again.

Hi aamag,

Filtering is described here.