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Damn, what’s happening guys? Make has literally been battling issues for 2 days straight. I have also been putting out fires the whole day…We need a resolution Make, its affecting our businesses and now our scenarios are literally throwing crazy errors.

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What are the crazy errors you are seeing? We can try to help.

Read this announcement. It’s no fun fighing DDOS attacks.

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This is fully understood, thanks for the clarification.

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We’re just on a FREE plan evaluating MAKE for the last 2 days and we constantly received random “ERROR” , “'UNKNOWN” or “LARGE PAYLOAD” error messages appear in the bottom right of the screen which I assume is all down to the DoS attack… :slight_smile:

I’ve registered for progress updates but I’ve not had a single email update since this started. Is this affecting thousands of users / system or just very localised ?

Hey Graham, your concern is understandable.

The Make team has made a lot of progress in regard to the DDoS attack, and further updates will be shared in the next hours and days.

Needless to say, this is an extremely rare circumstance, and we’re sorry that it was your first impression of the platform (talk about timing!).

Let’s hope everything goes back to normal and that you can experience Make in all its actual capacity soon!


Just bad timing, thanks for the acknowledgement, everything settled down and things are working well with initial testing thank you.