Make vs. Zapier vs. Airtable Automations

How do you choose between Make and Zapier for your automations?

Curious if this resonates or if you see the tradeoffs differently (specifically around pricing and complexity of the automation, which Make does much better on)

There’s also a free quiz you can take if you don’t know much about each platform!


Hey @dominic welcome to the community :wave:

I took the quiz and apparently, I should give Make a go :sweat_smile: :make:

Thanks a lot for sharing this with us :raised_hands: Looking forward to reading the community’s input here!

Thanks @Michaela ! And ha, Make is by far the most common result from the quiz so far :slight_smile:

Thats Good :sweat_smile: But I have Zapier for its simple User Friendly Interface.
Make is also a good option many peoples choose Make for its functionality. EveryOne have their own way to compare things someone compare them with their Integration and others compare them with their pricing.