What's your favorite form builder when using Make?

Forms are some of the most common triggers for Make automations. What’s your favorite form builder to use with Make?

I’m writing a blog post on the top form tools and would love your feedback.


Heya @dominic :wave:

Great question and thanks for bringing it into the community!

My 2 cents:
My personal favorite is Typeform because there are heaps of Make modules to work with and they’re quite easy to navigate.

Btw will you share the blog post with us once you have it? :blush:

Thanks for the feedback @Michaela !

And yes, of course! Here is the current version: Form builder comparison in 2023 (still adding more content to it!)

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I use and quite enjoy reform.app for my form needs

Nice @Ray_Deck ! I’ll check that one out and add it to the blog post, thanks!