Mapping custom line items in Xero invoice

I’m generating invoices in Xero from Airtable deals.
Each deal has a few lines with quantities and prices. These I’ve mapped out in an array using the array aggregator as below.
These lines vary from deal to deal.
This all works so far.

However there’s another line I want to add to each invoice, and it’s the same item for every single invoice and a quantity of just 1. The price for this (“travel fee”) however, is different for each deal.

Additionally to the array I have as per below, can I add an extra line item with custom code or another way?

Hi @Pascal_Maier

To incorporate an additional line item into the existing Line items, consider employing the merge function. Ensure that you prepare another (line item) array with the necessary requirements before executing the merge.

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That worked! Thanks @Msquare_Automation

However I had to duplicate a get record module to be able to aggregate the data and still use non aggregated data further down. Is there a way around that?