Mapping custom value, before Lead Salesforce?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using for 2 months with great delight. I was able to create a Scenario that seems a bit complex to push WooCommerce orders to Salesforce. I’d like to continue and be able to replace FormAssembly, which we use to create Salesforce entry lead. I already have a more elegant and flexible form builder ( but able to change), but I can’t manage to :

Map form values to Salesforce ID values in a simple, easy-to-update way.
Like a unique database, for multiple scenario and quick to update all forms.

FormAssembly does this very well, but if I can save the cost… I’m thinking about a DB for example, with search functions etc. because there are a lot of fields to map. About thirty, and if I include countries then 230.

Thank you for your support.

Screenshot exemple of FormAssembly mapping function.


Can you please send me a screenshot of how your flow looks like? Just a clarification, are you using the as the trigger and need to map the values to the SF leads? Can you also send me a screenshot of the output values of the Tally trigger?