How to Map Order Notes from Woocommerce

Hi there, I am new to and would appreciate any help!

I have a simple workflow set up that automatically creates tasks on clickup and assigns them to a specific department in my organization.

I am trying to map order notes from Woocommerce however The module does not have it as an option. I have tried to read up on the regular expression module but I do not understand how to use it as I am not the most tech-savy person.

The notes are an essential component for my operation team and will not follow any specific format, so i want to import any/all text that is available.

Can anyone please provide me some guidance on what modules I need to achieve this? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hey Trish. Good one for getting started! Make is the right way to go for ecom automation.

Right after your ‘watch orders’ module, insert a ‘list order notes’ module - you will need to map the ID from the ‘watch orders’ module right before it. Then select if you want to see customer notes, or internal notes…


Hi there! Thank you so much for your help!!! Everything is working awesome. Greatly Appreciated!!!

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Glad to hear that @trish - you’re an automator


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