Woocommerce Order -> Pipedrive CRM

Hello everyone. I need your help again :slight_smile:
I run an online shop. The orders go into my admin area in the WooCommerce shop. In order not to work in the admin area of my homepage every time, I started to create an automation with Make.com. I need the data in Pipedrive. Which also works well, I’ve created new fields in Pipedrive, and can take a lot of data I need from the WooCommerce store.

The problem I have is: If a customer orders more than 1 item, I can’t manage to take all the items from the order with me. I map the correct field from the “Get an Order module WooCommerce”. I also see 1 item from the order. But unfortunately only 1. The second one is not taken over.

I’ve tried with iterator and aggregator, but somewhere I’m making a mistake.

Is it possible to write ALL the items from the order in 1 custom field on Pipedrive? EVS11 ; EVS22 ; EVS33

I’m attaching a few screenshots of my current scenario.

Thank you for your help!

i made it. i found a solution :slight_smile:
Thank you for your interest


Hello @Paul_Seemann :wave:

Awesome to hear that you managed to figure this out on your own. Great job! :clap:

Would you mind sharing a brief summary of what did the trick for you for the benefit of the community?

Thanks a lot for considering :raised_hands:

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