How to access additional order data from woocommerce

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I’m successfully using Make to transfer new orders from WooCommerce to Google sheet which works perfectly. However, I’m facing an issue with importing additional columns that are visible under my orders in WooCommerce.

In Woocommerce I’m using very useful plugin UTM tracker which connects to Facebook to display Conversion Lag value, first & last touch UTM parameters and click identifiers (screenshot below)

In my scenario with module that is connected to woocommerce I can’t seem to find these aditional fields. I’ve also tried other WooCommerce module types (Get an order, Get customer) but couldn’t locate these fields. What options do I have to access them?

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You can use the Get an Order module.



Thank you for your quick response. I’ve already attempted using ‘Get an Order,’ but unfortunately, this fields are not visible within. Am I missing a step, or is there an alternative method?

Hmm, looks like you’re using a WordPress plugin, not a WooCommerce plugin since you can’t retrieve the custom fields.

Try using the WordPress app/module to get custom fields.



I checked again documentation from UTM Tracker plugin and found that there are fields that can be accessed from Meta.Data array. By mapping these array I was able to get my data.

So in the end the woocommerce link was still enough, I just wasn’t looking in the right place, so thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Below is the screenshot from my scenario with formula examples to extract a few values if anyone else might had similar issue. And here is the list of tables that can be accessed for different data.

By using all woo order fields and UTM fields you can get really detailed report with journey of the customer for anyone that runs woocommerce shop with Facebook ads


Wow, that’s great to hear. You’ve even mastered the art of mapping values within arrays with the “map” function, well done!


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Just wanted to congratulate you on solving this puzzle with the assistance of @samliew. Truly great job!

Thank you very much for keeping the community in mind and returning here with the final solutions. We appreciate it.

Keep up the good work! :cat_roomba: