Google Sheet with more than 1 tab <> WooCommerce

Hi there

I have had a good read of a lot of posts and tried a few things by myself and can’t quite work out the logic here.

I have Make pulling Order data from WooCommerce into Google Sheets - this works okay.

I have made a 2nd tab in my Google Sheet that I now want to populate with the Customers from the same WooCommerce installation.

I can’t see how to do this off the cuff.

It is almost like I need to create a 2nd Connection? The 2 Make flows don’t (at this stage) have to run at the same time (although it would be good if they did). For now I would be content with just being able to pull the Customer data from WooCommerce and populate it to the new tab in the same Sheet where the Orders are sitting in the other tab.

Any help or pointers appreciated - I will continue to keep trying as I am thinking it is something pretty simple that I am missing.

Thanks for reading,

UPDATE: It seems that it is not Connection related as such. I thought I needed to set a new Connection to WooCommerce but it doesn’t let me specify which table in WooCommerce I want to talk to…

UPDATE: I can only seem to access the Orders from WooCommerce. The Orders does contain most of the Customer data but it is not ideal.

Clarifying question: are you trying to get ALL the available information on your customer who placed the order and put it in the 2nd sheet?

Have you explored the customer modules with Woo or the User modules with wordpress?

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Thanks Michael - yes when I create the connection to WooCommerce for the Orders table then the mapping only shows the Order fields (which I understand) but I can’t seem to form the connection to any other table in WooCommerce which makes me think only the Orders table is accessible.

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