Exporting Woocommerce Extra Product Options Into Sheets

I am trying to transfer information from an order that has things like birthdays, allergy information, age from my woocommerce form into Sheets. Those items are all listed in the “Extra Product Options” page. When I set up a scenario to get the info on Make it didn’t include the data from the Extra Product Options. How do I grab that too?

Hi. Have you look at the line items meta data? In general, options for every product in the order are in this section of the json. And you’re going to have a little work maybe to find because the line items meta data has several levels.

Thanks, Helio!
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Thanks! I added the JSON icon and looked into the fields and opened every META DATA field and they weren’t there. Any other thoughts?

Hi, @youngbotbuilders, I recommend you to install the “Make, formerly Integromat Connector” plug-in, which allows you to select other WordPress and WooCommerce fields to be sent to Make.

I share the access to the plugin and screenshots.


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Thanks for offering that as an option. I looked at the plugin and it didn’t have very good ratings. It scared me off. I’m going to look at other options and possibly paying someone to do this. I’m not confident I can make this work.

@youngbotbuilders From experience with other clients we’ve developed integrations for, we’ve seen the most stable (specially when sending instant events) is by using webhooks.
You can setup webhooks in Woocommerce itself and then send this data to a webhook in Make.