MAPPING ERROR? New Contact at Xero --> New Google Contacts

I have got a problem in creating google contacts from Xero contacts via MAKE

Everything runs great, test drive, all good and working, EXCEPT when i map phone number with a sub item on it (well, address with a sub item works fine tough)

For Example - see the screen shot
Phone has a sub item called Phone Number.

During mapping ,

  1. If i map to sub menu phone number , it will give me Bundle Validation Error.
1.Phone[ ]:  Phone number ---> see screen shot
  1. if i map to main menu phone number, it works, but the output is wrong.

It gave me the output [Collection], [Collection], [Collection], [Collection]
Which i assume each [Collection] refers to respectively country code, area, phone number, and label

It is either i dunno how to set up the bundle correctly, or it is a system error?

Can someone kindly advise. Thank you

Have a look at map ()


I got the same Probleme. how can I solve the problem if I want to map the array directly. map or get does not work.