Mapping Fields form WPForms

Hello MAKE Community!

We are working to connect WPForms and Pipefy. We have the connection working, but only if we do something that seems counter intuitive. Let me explain.

When set up the connection, we are prompted to select the Organization and Pipe in Pipefy. But then we see something strange.

We are presented with a list of fields from WPForms (we have identical fields set up at both ends) that MUST be filled in for the Scenario to be saved. But then a second set of the same fields is presented that we can simply hit the “map” toggle on.

We have to fill in the first set of fields, and if we do then the card that gets created in Pipefy has these fields, but they ar filled in with what we typed in to get the Scenario to save.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be a list of fields from WPForms in the mapper dialog.

FIRST SET OF FIELDS Screenshot 2024 01 13 at 10 12 02 — Postimages
FIRST SET OF FIELDS WITH ERROR Screenshot 2024 01 13 at 10 16 13 — Postimages
SECOND SET OF MAPPABLE FIELDS Screenshot 2024 01 13 at 10 18 41 — Postimages

Many thanks in advance.

Hi There,

Looks like the fields are marked as required which means that you will need to map the equivalent fields from WPForms to the Pipefy modules. In Make, you cannot save the module if let’s say one of the required field is not mapped.

Not sure if you have marked those Pipefy field as required, you may try to edit those custom fields in Pipefy like do not mark those as required, that’s if it has that option.

I hope this helps!