Marketo connection

I am trying to add people to a list in Marketo, but I am not able to set up a connection to the Marketo instance. Does anybody use with Marketo?

Hey @PavelPlachky
Have you followed the instructions provided in the documentation Marketo ?

Thanks Sabbir for pointing me to the docs.

Yes I did follow the instructions, but I am getting Error 403 in Make with no additional information. This tells me that connection has been established but something goes wrong during the authorization. I tried to adjust the access level on Marketo side (created new user and API credentials with full API access), but it did not help. I have no idea what else to do. Do you have some suggestion on how to troubleshoot it?


In that case, I’d suggest you to use HTTP module and do the action (add people) by API.

This will require some developer work though, if you are good with such thing, you should be good to go.