Simvoly connection

when making the connection FB-lead → fb lead get details → add new contact to simvoly

i can’t choose in what list it has to come…
any ideas?

Check the apps documentation. I don’t see a way to select a list for any of the modules.

i just checked with simvoly and they have done it now.

this is the reply:


You can send them here.

Under the “create contact” there are

Subscribed, if the client is a subscriber or not, and subscriberlist, under what list they should be added.

That’s great. Now the make app has to be updated to support this feature. Adding a subscriber list is currently is not supported in the Simvoly make app, I don’t think. Most likely this api change was made after the make app was built. You can request make to update the app but it may take a while.

Or build your own. See make app docs in the make help file.

Also you can construct an api call with a connection to Simvoly using the http module with authentication. It’s manual but it could work for you.

Hey Alex,

Do you have an idea how long it would take?
Does make team also read these topics?
if not, how do i get them to make it?

I just convinced my entire team to all stop their zapier and all convert to make.

in the process of doing this we noticed this problem and are in a bit of a situation at the moment so it’s quite urgent.

i have no idea about api calls though.
could we get a make support member to do this?

Thanks for your help already!!!

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It will take a while to make an app. Less time to do the http call. Read up on the docs. Ask make support for details and ask specific here.

If you need some help we provide paid support at this link.


My Team has decided not to use make until this gets implemented.

it’s way to much work to do it with webhooks for all of our customers.

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Understandable. The quality of the app design definitely dictates whether make will work for you right now. This may change in the future as the apps improve.