Match text parse bundles in next step

Hi, I used the Text Parse module to separate lines of text. It seems to be working and separated my text into Bundle 1, Bundle 2, Bundle 3, etc.

But now I want to use each Bundle Value in my next module and I can’t figure out how.

I’ll add screenshots to help explain what I’m trying to do

Text Parse output:

Next module I want to add the values to. I want to put Bundle 1 Value in Fact 1, Bundle 2 Value in Fact 2, etc. I only see a Value token though, not sure how to select a specific Bundle’s Value:

May peace be upon you @Jack_Randall

Is the number of output bundle constant? If it’s constant then you can use an aggregator to transform them into an array, and then using this form to use the 5 bundles by changing their index number


Let us know if it worked.


Hi Rezwan. Thanks for your reply. The number of output bundle is constant yes.

I am trying to use the array aggregator like you suggested but I’m still not sure how to select each value in the next module afterwards.

Here is how I have the Array Aggregator module set up:

Here’s the options it gives me in the next module

@Jack_Randall They are in the correct format.

array [1] = the first value of the parsers out put

Array [2] = second value and so on

You can find more on aggregators: Make official youtube channel

If you need any further help, feel free to contact