Text parser generate many bundles but only one can be selected!

My goal is to extract every headline in my HTML text and split each headline to each other as I can send them to a specific headers in my Airtable database.
Then, I’d like to send to ChatGPT one by one as he can generate the content for each headline. I’ve tried many ways with the text parser, but I’m still facing an issue. Indeed, only one bundle can be selected, whereas we can see in the output of the text parser that many bundles have been divided.

If anyone may know how to get each bundle that the text parser generate to transfer them separately. You’d be my hero !

Have a lovely day all !

Hi @Vivien_Chantrel,

With Text Parser Match Pattern, by default only the first match is returned and only 1 output bundle is produced.

You can enable the Global Match setting. If multiple matches are found, each will be returned in a separate bundle and the module will act as an Iterator, repeating every module that follows for each output bundle.

You can also place an aggregator (Text, Array, or JSON) after the Text Parser to aggregate all the matches into a single object.


Hi Thanks a lot for your reply !

I think I found a workaround, I’ll use “get content from HTML table" and then I can split each header and each row.

I was able to send data though a different cell in my Airtable. It was a long day of searching but I’ve learnt a lot.

Have a good day !


Hello there @Vivien_Chantrel :wave: w

Wow! What a great job you did with @Donald_Mitchell while figuring out your troubles. :muscle:

Also thank you for coming back here with the additional info. We really appreciate that you are keeping the community neat and clean for other users.

Keep up the amazing work! :cherry_blossom: