Math operator question

I need to divide a field from the previous module by a fixed number. It works if I use a new line to do my function, i.e. [value]/100, but what I want is to add text before and after on the same line, e.g. “Price: [value]/100 EUR”
If I try that, it breaks and shows Price: NaN. I tried () but that doesn’t work, how can I do this?

Hello Iris!
can u provide more details
what module are you using , a screenshot etc…
it could have something to do with u adding EUR
because NaN means Not a Number, thats all i can help with for now.


Hey @Iris1 I have gone through it and got a solution for you…

Here in this you don’t have to use normal brackets instead use brackets that make provide I have attached it in screenshot…


You can replace it with these one and can get the things in flow

Hi @Iris1

To solve your issue, please input the formula in below format:

Formula for reference: Price: {{(2.Value / 100)}} EUR

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