Merge Multiple Make Scenarios into One

I have multiple make scenarios that I want to combine. Do you know if there’s an automated way to do this? For example, is it possible to export them as blueprints and then merge them together?

Not that I know of. Do note that there is a size limit of 2MB for the entire scenario, so you might not be able to even manually merge them if there are too many modules.


Thanks for the answer. What would be the best way to have large scenarios split into “sub” modules to better manage the entire execution?
I know you can connect them with webhooks, but it becomes cumbersome to develop and debug. This is why I like to have it all in one scenario. Any thoughts?

One of the issues is that Scenarios can only have one trigger, so if you try to combine you will have some conflicts to deal with there.

You could try pulling up on the Scenarios in separate windows or tabs.
Then, using Shift+Click/Drag to select multiple modules, right click to copy them, then paste into a new Scenario. You will probably need to make adjustments along the way.

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Thanks, Donald! That is exactly what I was looking for, and it works like a charm! As you mentioned, you copy the modules (indicated by a rotating dashed wheel around the module) from one scenario in one browser tab and paste them into a new scenario in another browser tab (Chrome will prompt you for permission).

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