Copying an entire scenario to another scenario, keeping links

Hi. I have two sync processes, which I would like to merge into one scenario, so they can be triggered by the same webhook.

Is there any way how you can copy the contents of scenario A into scenario B, while keeping the linked variables from previous modules working? I’ve tried copy-and-pasting modules one by one, but the module number changes, and the links end up incorrect. Is is quite inconvenient to have to re-create the whole scenario, let alone error prone.

Hi @karlcassar ,

If you hold down the shift key, you can select all the modules and copy them all at once. And then when you paste them into your second scenario the module numbers all update, and all links should work.

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Just hold shift and drag the mouse over the Modules.


What they said, but here’s a GIF of how it looks:



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