Clone scenario to update module

Goal: copy scenario to update module in scenario. I am following the following Make tutorial:

  1. I added a new webhook by selecting my form from the drop-down list on the right

  2. Under replacement for adopter update on the left of the screenshot, “my new submission webhook” automatically appears. Are these steps correct? I’m not sure bc it says, “the hook cannot be duplicated. Create it again in the target team or choose appropriate replacement”

  3. Do I keep the states of any new modules the same as those being duplicated? I don’t know what this means.

Hello @kathymc,

When you duplicate a scenario that is triggered via a webhook, the webhook itself can’t be copied (because each scenario can be triggered with one unique webhook), therefore you have to create a new webhook.

When creating the new webhook via that form on the right, you can just select the same form that the webhook in the original scenario is using, if Paperform allows one form to call more than one webhook. Don’t forget to set the name of the new webhook as well.

I hope that makes sense!


It does, thanks. I actually got through that step a while ago. I successfully updated my WebFlow module in my Paperform-Webflow scenario. I mapped my fields exactly as they were mapped in the original module. However, when I run a test, I get a message that says, “validation failed for 3 parameters,” even though those fields match the old scenario exactly. Any ideas what could be going on? Thank you so much! I am a volunteer with a nonprofit dog rescue

and all of this is new to me!

What you can do is right-click your Paperform module, select Run this module once, then submit your form.

Once submitted, your newly-created Paperform module will know what a submission looks like, how it’s structured, as I don’t believe this would have copied over.

Then, you can open up your Webflow module and be sure the mappings are correct.


Thank you, but unfortunately, it didn’t work. I got the same errors. I triple checked the fields and they’re 100% right.

When I click on the field, “title” for example, the Paperform fields to link (in yellow), are different. I don’t know why.

Sorry, I think you will need to re-map those fields.
I don’t know enough about Paperform to know why this happened.


Yay…I got it! I appreciate you taking the time to help me!!!

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