"The hook already has a scenario assigned"

Has anyone ever seen “The hook already has a scenario assigned” error? It’s wrong - my hook doesn’t have a scenario assigned.

P.S. Is it a security no-no to share a webhook URL?

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In Make, The Webhook is dedicated i.e. you cannot share the same webhooks in Mulitple scenarios.

You can create a new one, as the other one i.e the one you are facing an issue with is being used in other scenarios, maybe in an inactive one. You can go the Webhooks tab and crosscheck this.

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Thanks @Runcorn but that’s what I was showing in my 2nd screenshot above, that the webhook isn’t assigned to a Scenario.

The title of the first modal screenshot is “Clone”, so are you trying to clone the webhook within the same module? That probably won’t work. A webhook can only exist once. It may help to share more about what you’re trying to achieve in this Scenario overall


Good point, @Anonymax yes, I’m trying to clone a scenario that has a webhook in it, but I was figuring I could create the new webhook during the cloning. Perhaps not. So there’s no way to clone a scenario that has a webhook in it?

Hi @philthrive,

It should be possible and I usually do that and there is no problem while doing so i.e cloning a scenario with webhooks and creating new webhooks. If possible you should create a support ticket in Make for this.

By chance, is the scenario in question is something that you have migrated from Integromat?

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Thanks @Runcorn I’ll contact support.

No, it’s a new one.

You could export the blueprint and import it, I think you can then delete and re-add the webhook

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Thanks, @Anonymax in the end I just deleted the webhook, cloned the scenario, and added the webhook back again (to the original and the new scenarios).