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I am creating an automation where I send multiple HTTP API requests and I want to get all responses and send them in 1 message through Slack. I am using an Array aggregator, and the problem is that it is executing multiple times with different operations, and not 1 time aggrouping all into 1. I’ve tried lots of things and can’t find a solution, someone can help me?

Thank you

EDIT: I’ve solved the problem!

Hey, you can do this with 3 more automations.

  1. Combine all the responses in one Google sheet or variable or something like this.
  2. Make an automation that tracks if all the necessary responses have been s submitted.
  3. When all automations get submitted get it triggered to take the content from google sheet and send it via slack
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Hello there @Celestic, welcome to the community :wave:

How brilliant to hear that you managed to solve this!

It would be great if you could share a bit about the solution with the community. Did you tackle the issue thanks to the options suggested by @Wemakefuture or did you maybe find another way?

Thanks for sharing!

Hi @Celestic

Can you please reply the steps you did to merge multiple operations output into one? I am stuck at same thing. I am fetching woocommerce product data for products containing in a specific order. That data is coming into multiple operations and i am not able to use that data further mapping purpose.

Testing with get a order from woocommerce module:

Testing with get a record from datastore module:

I have successfully tested workaround as mentioned by @Wemakefuture and got to work it with google sheets, but its taking almost 50 extra operations (10 products in a order X get a product x convert to json x parse json x fill a row).

I am open for new suggestions to achieve this automation in simple manner.

Thank you!

Hey @Abhijit_Patil ,

I’m quite new to automation! As you are using an Iterator it splits your Data into multiple operations. I used the Iterator because I wanted to split a text into multiple calls to an HTTP API. Then I use an Aggregator (Array aggregator or Text aggregator) to take all responses from all API calls and put them in the same text in different lines. So then I can send all responses in the same Slack message.

What I was having a problem with was selecting the Source Module in the Aggregator. You must select an object BEFORE the aggregator so it takes its number of operations.

Let me know if that solves your doubt!

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Hi @Celestic

thanks for reply! I will surely take your suggestion into consideration and try out into scenario. Although, i have resolved the issue by using webhook tool for woocommerce orders rather than using default woocommerce : get a order tool. Also used MAKE plugin for wordpress to add custom API taxonomies & custom APi fields.

So, for now the issue seems resolved for my current make automation process. Also, i successfully tried creating spreadsheet with data received from multiple operations and fetching the same rows again into make scenario, this also worked fine except it was taking more operations.


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