Consolidation of operations

As you can see in the picture, I am pulling tweets with ids from different does 1 operation for each id.10 operations for 10 ids.I want to collect the results of all these operations in a single json file.I want to group by tweetid, that is, by tweet, not by the user who tweeted the tweet.I used different tools but I couldn’t do it.

In short, I could not combine the operations. I want to get a webhook response with a single json.

Good morning Talha,

judging by the screenshot your Aggregator module is not configured and not combining the array at all. You need to set its source module, I assume, to the Google Sheets Search Row module. And then configure it to group by tweet ID.


There is such a problem, ‘Get a User’ and ‘List user Tweet’ only accept 1 user each. I am pulling the username from Google Sheets, so there should be a loop there. I think I have no choice but to collect the result at a single point.

No, no. You don’t need to rearrange the modules. You still search the rows in the sheet and get the tweets per person, you have the aggregator after that like in your first screenshot and combine all the data in a single array.