Consolidating operations

As you can see in the picture, I’m pulling tweets with ids pulled from different users.It does 1 operation for each id.10 operations for 10 ids.I want to collect the results of all these operations in a single json file.I want to group by tweetid, that is, by tweet, not by the user who tweeted the tweet.I used different tools but I couldn’t do it.

Hi @Talha_Yazgan ,

Try to use the Aggregate to JSON module then use the Search rows as the source module to only produce 1 bundle with all the aggregated data.

Now, in the Aggregate to JSON module, this will ask for the data structure, set the data structure and then once done, map the fields from that Twitter module, also to group them based on tweet ID, please try to enable the advanced settings then map the Tweet Id under the Group by: